I was kindly awarded a travel bursary from Nottingham Trent University and presented a talk at their Smart Industry Robotics and Automation Workshop. I found the workshop very interesting and learned from a variety of experts from industry and academia about how machine vision and robotics are being used to improve society and hopefully even save lives in the future in the case of forrest fires.

I presented my current research of remote fingerprint extraction from specular surfaces using multi light imaging.

The Smart Industry Workshop was great for networking as it was aimed at bringing researchers and industry experts together who use automation and robotics in their work. The workshop also included a hands on tutorial on using the field-programmable gate array (FPGA) using the Sundance VCS-1. The workshop was thoroughly enjoyable and I met some very interesting people who’s work I will follow and keep in touch with.

A poster I also presented can be found on page 14 of their poster section here.

The group from academia and industry who took part.